High Brand Recall

In-Flight ads have the highest recall rate of all media, 77% and generates an over all 25% positive shift in intent to purchase

Captive Audience

Research depicts that the captive audience react 10 times better to any advertisement

Positive frame of Mind

86% of in-­‐flight customers are in a positive frame of mind; hence they will be receptive to advertising messages.

Better Visibility

93 % of the travelers gets engaged in the activities which are going on board during a flight.

Seat Back Advertisement

Highest brand recall among all channels. Fetches attention of the travelers several time during a flight

18th Feb

Cabin Bulk Head Promotions

Large format 4-6 front and back displays creates a zone inside the aircraft.

18th Feb
cabin bulkhead1

Meal Box and Paper Cup Branding

Touch the consumers when they are most receptive. Disturbance free message delivery

18th Feb
Picture1meal box

In Flight Product Sampling or Brochure Distribution

Extremely uncluttered activity. Directly handed over by cabin crew during any flight

18th Feb
indigo sampling

In flight announcements

Started only in 2013 the activity takes consumer by surprise and hence better brand recall

18th Feb
Blue Mushroom-air-berlin-cabin-crew

Boarding pass Promotions

A popular marketing tool to reach national audience at once. Extremely uncluttered with multiple touch points

18th Feb